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Each set of regulations is identifiable by the background wallpaper on each page. For instance if you are viewing the set with all amendments up to and including statutory instrument 2000 No 3025 a watermark "2000/3025" will appear on each page. After each deletion or addition to the text of a regulation you will find a hyperlink taking you directly to the amending statutory instrument.

In February 2009, The Timeline Regulations website was enhanced in order that hyperlinks to external pages will open in a new browser window. External pages include SIs, SSIs, statutory guidance, GAD guidance etc. With respect to the LGPS Regulations 2007/2008, the Benefits Regulations 2007 are regarded as external to the Administration Regulations 2008 and the Transitional Provisions Regulations 2008 and vice versa. The same approach has been taken to the LGPS (Scotland) Regulations 2008. The new browser window enhancement was implemented in the sets of regulations (and any subsequent sets of regulations) plus the pages listed below.

England and Wales

The LGPS Regulations 2007/ 2008 (as amended by SI 2008/3245)
The LGPS Regulations 1997 (as amended by SI 2008/2425)
GAD Guidance for post 31 March 2008 Scheme
GAD Guidance for pre 1 April 2008 Scheme
Statutory Guidance / FAQs


The LGPS Regulations 2008
The LGPS Regulations 1997 (as amended by SSI 2007/514)
GAD Guidance for pre 1 April 2009 Scheme
Statutory Guidance and Circulars

United Kingdom

Pensions Increase Review Orders
GMP Increase Review Orders
The Social Security Revaluation Orders